4 English Russia Daily Report Part #9 [Putin, Syria, Cats etc]

English Russia Daily Report Part #9 [Putin, Syria, Cats etc]

Posted on April 10, 2018 by tim

DaQbq6ZX4AA3h9H.jpg largeHello people of English Russia. We had an Easter holiday these days so we had no updates on the website. However we are back from vodka and posting. To make up for this longer pause we will make this posting bigger and more fun.

We will start it today with..

..with this video. Russian TV channel used a neural network to mix fifteen iconic Hollywood movies into one super movie. The result is this 50 second clip that mixes together Batman, Bruce Willis movies, Jim Carrey and Robocop. Take a look video is above. Must be not very suitable for epileptic people.

Talking about the Easter holiday..


We can see these two photos from the Easter holidays with a few years set apart. Here you can see that now Vladimir (our president) is posing with some man instead of his wife. That’s because they divorced. But who is the guy? That’s a mayor of the Moscow. And Dmitri Medvedev wife is still the same, literary – she is wearing same dress, six (or more) years apart.

Did you know English Russia has a Telegram channel? You can access it here.
You think we are advertising our channel this way? No. We just pointing your attention that there is a such messenger popular in Russia, called “Telegram”.


It was founded by a dude who also was a founder Russian biggest social network. Then he also was famous for flipping police men and oligarchs, throwing money bills from his office window just to see people fight for it and then another day throwing away a journalist’s cell phone from off the bridge when he tried to ask him a question.
But now he did something else  – FSB (ex known as KGB) demands encryption keys from the Telegram messenger. FSB wants to be able to read otherwise encrypted conversations. For this Pavel Durov the app founder sends them this message: “To FSB chief. You asked for the keys here they are (2 pcs.)”. Nice guy, heh? Because slapping the bear makes for a good sport.


By the way the Russian rouble has lost 10% of his value in the matter of the last 48 hours. People say that’s because new economic sanctions US imposed on Russian oligarchs and corporations, but anyways the exchange rates are still dropping and here is a funny picture “RUSSIAN ROUBLE (P) vs World Economy”

Talking about Russia vs World topic, here is a video:

We called it “Empire prepares to strike back” on our Twitter (you can subscribe here).
They are wearing an anti chemical pollution suits and gas masks which is sort of in tune of what’s going on in the Syria now. Thought it’s probably an older video and just a pure coincidence.

Talking about the Syria, we have this fun pic. The caption is:

When you an Assad army soldier at the Syrian airbase and all the Russians suddenly get up and start leaving:

DaXstozWAAEjo41.jpg large

Want one more Putin/Syria joke? Now sort of more from Russian perspective:


Like it or not but its funny and we post it, though it’s a big pity fighting is happening there and people suffer.

By the  way talking about foreign politics and invasions. We also have an invasion problem:


Of course it’s a joke, but maybe a not. If you have stayed in some regions of Russia bordering Finland (like Karelia or St. Petersburg) you probably heard lots of stories about how the drunk finns behave there. But if you a Finn don’t get offended you probably aware of this too.

Talking about our Western neighbors we will show you a video from Ukraine:

(Yes Ukraine is our Western neighbor, sort of should be more civilised or something). But they have some problems too – like this old granny has to do this trick each time she needs to board a train.


Do you still remember our Easter was couple of days ago. Here is a couple of people celebrating, holding tradition colored Easter eggs (it’s sort of a tradition in Russia to take a boiled egg and decorate it in different colors etc), also holding little branches that we use during our version of the Palm Sunday. The question is (in their heads): should you take Russian Orthodox Easter eggs or Jerusalem? Just kidding but their masks are sort of reminding the crusaders.

And one more Russian Easter newspiece:


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4 Responses to “English Russia Daily Report Part #9 [Putin, Syria, Cats etc]”

  1. Douglas says:

    Watching the old granny and her bucket was pure torture…..omg. lol

  2. MattNSW says:

    Offset by that girl in the pink dress though… That’s some pretty sweet eye candy.

  3. RB says:

    The first picture they look the same only with just a bit of gravity but still very healthy.

  4. zzz says:

    In Siria – you lie, Siria have its president and yours-goverment “recomendation” – not neendeds its, and as destructive for every other county, also.
    (and i am not fanat of pr.Putin if so)

    Durov – named from root of word durak… (eng: stupid,ets like this)

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