0 Street Sellers in Soviet Moscow in 1950s [photos]

Street Sellers in Soviet Moscow in 1950s [photos]

Posted on April 5, 2018 by tim

American photographer visited Moscow in 1950s-1960s and here is his collection of color photos of the various street trade he encountered in the city. Food, and not only for sale check it out.

For example on the first photo and here it is up close is the dried fruits stall.

More dried fruit.

Selling perfumes, soaps, etc right outside the market.

Also selling socks.


Selling ice cream (which is no surprise, what city in the world doesn’t sell street icecream?)

Fresh fruit stall.


More icecream now looking more authentic.

Flowers of course.

Some baked goods, sort of pretzels or something?

And more icecream.

Also balloons. Probably not helium filled but rather just with air.

And books.

“Russia – most reading country in the world” was the saying. Probably not true anymore. And that’s it! Enjoyed those?

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