1 English Russia Daily Report #8 [cool videos, fires and golden pistols]

English Russia Daily Report #8 [cool videos, fires and golden pistols]

Posted on April 5, 2018 by tim


Luckily nobody was inside, but the thing is ruined.


Inside is even more bad than from outside. But it’s not the only huge fire in past 24 hours:

On this video you can see a huge fire blowing over 1000 square meters of living space in Kzakhstan (it’s really near Russia and most of people there speak habitually Russian without an accent or something, like the girl behind the camera).

Not sure what were the casualties of these one yet.

By the way talking about casualties of the fire,


here is a posting we had today with photos from inside the deadly Kemerovo mall killing almost hundred people. You can click on the picture to see all the photos or click here. There are some very weird photos showing like huge steel pillars just melted.  It should be really high heat inside there.

And talking about fires you start appreciate places like this:



Even it’s very cold there, at least we can be sure that nothing is going to catch fire here.

Mother Nature is really helping us here in Russia with weather.


She is also helping us with other stuff. Like Mother Nature is really helping here someone to steal those guys car’s wheels, just look at this.

By the way. Have you seen someone being late for a train?


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  1. kwhunter says:

    Not sure how often and why the girl goes on that board in icy water without a live jacket or a PFD… is she crossing the bay to go to school?!

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