1 English Russia Daily Report #8 [cool videos, fires and golden pistols]

English Russia Daily Report #8 [cool videos, fires and golden pistols]

Posted on April 5, 2018 by tim


Starting an English Russia Daily Report #8, we select interesting pieces of stuff during the day and then post all together here at Russian time night time. But before we post here we at first post thing at English Russia official twitter account, you can find it here. And here we start, and first picture just showing a normal daily routine of a girl in Vladivostok, Russia, and yes it’s an atomic IceBreaker probably behind her. Next one is..

the next one is this Police car from Belarus..


look, it’s so tired it decided to drink some water from a puddle.. Just joking of course. And the next one is a joke too:



Really, how?

By the way what you see here is a Kaliningrad region of Russia. It’s a totally separate region of Russia that is located inside the Eastern Europe, surrounded by Poland and Lithuania without no land path to “mainland” Russia.

And now our first (for today) funny video from Russia:

Yes, this is a bear in a motorcycle. Yes, he holds a trumpet at first. And yes, he is sort of showing obscene gestures to the traffic ahead of him. What a smart animal, isn’t he? We like our bears in Russia.

By the way you probably know that neat feature in Google Maps when you can sort of rate and comment every shop, office or other piece of business on the map?


So here are some reviews from Russian google maps. Those are reviews for a.. “police station #156 in Strogino”. Here is one particularly handy review (underlined): “good station didn’t beat me too much when arrested”. He even gave them four stars for this, seven month ago, so probably still relevant.

Now something more serious.

Believe it or not we are still having serious huge fires everyday (almost) since that deadly mall fire in Kemerovo which killed tens of people. On the video above you can see yesterday’s huge fire in Tyumen.


It destroyed large toy store.


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  1. kwhunter says:

    Not sure how often and why the girl goes on that board in icy water without a live jacket or a PFD… is she crossing the bay to go to school?!

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