0 Tour of the Russian #1 High-Speed Train Sapsan

Tour of the Russian #1 High-Speed Train Sapsan

Sapsan high-speed train

Traveling on train from Moscow to St. Petersburg city centers in a mere 4 hours seems like a smart, time-saving and convenient decision. No wonder high-speed Sapsan trains are so popular in Russia! Our rep Vera has made a close-up video tour of a Sapsan, and in this guide, we’d like to share handy information about this train and show what Sapsan trains look like inside.

The Sapsan bullet train was designed by German Siemens and has been running on Russian railways since 2009. This modern high-speed train travels at a speed of about 210 km/h (130 mph), connecting both Russian capitals, Moscow and St. Petersburg, in a record time of less than 4 hours. Another recent Sapsan route is from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod.

The train is safe, spacious and offers numerous travel classes. Not to mention more than 10 daily departures to choose from!

So it’s actually no surprise that Sapsan trains are a favored option among travelers, as it is a great way to travel from Moscow to St. Petersburg in comparison to buses, the travel time of which is usually 11 hours. As for airplanes, there is a need to add on extra travel time for getting to/from airports that are located outside the limits of these large metropolitan cities, whereas Sapsans depart from and arrive to Leningradsky or Moskovsky Rail Stations, both set in the heart of town.

Check out what Sapsan high-speed train looks like from inside in the video guide below.


Coach Classes

No matter which Sapsan train travel class you choose for your trip, you’ll find coat racks, luggage storage areas, and onboard toilet facilities. The train is properly equipped to meet the needs of physically challenged people, there’s a children zone, and it’s also possible to bring pets onboard as there are special seats reserved for those traveling with animals. Snacks and drinks can be purchased from special carts as well as in the Dining Car’s Bistro, and for entertainment, there are TVs and radio that can be accessed by connecting personal headphones.

Usually, a total of 10 coaches make up a Sapsan train, but during the periods of high demand, the trainset is doubled. There are 6 types of Sapsan travel classes and further you can see and learn about every seat class in particular.


Economy Class

There are 6 Economy Class coaches onboard each Sapsan train with a maximum passenger capacity of 64. The economy class seats are spacious and there are 4 TV sets per car for entertainment.

Economy Class Plus

The Sapsan train’s Economy Class Plus coach is more spacious than the previous coach type. And although similar to regular Economy Class, such tickets have food, such as a sandwich, included in the price.

Dining Class / Restaurant Car

The Restaurant Car not only has a Bistro area where passengers can buy some snacks and drinks but also offers seats arranged around tables. Interestingly a deposit of 2000 Russian Rubles for spending on meals and beverages is included in the ticket price of this seat type.

Business Class

The Business Class coach of a Sapsan train has larger leather seats that are more comfortable than the textile ones in previously mentioned class types. Business Class travelers can certainly take advantage of included complimentary WiFi and make use of the access to Business Lounges on the train stations. Plus a hot meal is included in the ticket price.

First / Premium Class

The Premium Class coach, that’s also referred to as First Class, is perfect for high-comfort travel. The seats can decline to a practically horizontal position, each has a TV set, and of course, there is free WiFi. Entrances to Business Lounges are also included in the ticket price as well as a hot meal and drinks.

Conference Cabin

There’s one Conference Cabin located in the First Class coach of a Sapsan train. This secluded cabin can accommodate 4 travelers and has a separate door. Apart from seats and a table, there’s a sofa and TV with multimedia options. Such a cabin can be booked out completely. Soft drinks and a hot meal are offered free of charge too.

There are many benefits of going on a Sapsan train from Moscow to St. Petersburg or on the reverse St. Petersburg – Moscow route – the ease to book Sapsan tickets online, the time-saving advantages of departing from and arriving to city centers, all coupled with the comfort of the trip itself all make for an enjoyable Russian rail experience.



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