0 English Russia Daily Report #5 [cats, Putin, drones, sofas, all things weird]

English Russia Daily Report #5 [cats, Putin, drones, sofas, all things weird]

Posted on April 2, 2018 by tim


Wings are overrated one might say, but in fact it’s a grave yard for Mig-31 jets. Read more about it here.

Well, what else? Let’s move one:


Would you buy this?
I mean, would you buy this nice little pony coloring book?
Interesting if the Mein Kampf is a coloring book too?

And here is a short video about our president:

Is Putin’s chair having a fifth leg, or did it just cracked? Even the chair can stand the pressure these days.


Simpsons clearly have predicted this long time before! Or can it be a mechanism of some sort?

By the way, remember that story, how Russia is evicting US diplomats from a St.Petersburg consulate they occupied since 1972?


They are now gone (the US consulate workers), but have left a note, for the new residents.   The note reads as follows: “Dear sirs, first things first please water the flowers! Greetings from American people”. Leaving jokes aside it’s all very childish from both sides and we don’t really need a new Cold War restarted..

Talking about sad stuff,


This picture is so full of sorrow. Imagine the thoughts in his head he probably thinks he never could afford one of those.

But let’s change the topic to something more positive.


For example here is a fun fact: English word “Love” can be easily transformed to Russian name “Oleg” just by changing the order of the letters and rotating some of them. If you have some Oleg friend you can send it him. Also Russian “Lego” can be made too, obviously.

Here is video (above) of some dudes having fun. They found a big pice of ice cracking away into the river, boarded it and took it to their advantage. What else do you do in spring in Russia? Kind of fireproof iceship or something.


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