12 Boys Trespassed Inside the Cosmodrome made Photos, Climbed into Rockets [photos]

Boys Trespassed Inside the Cosmodrome made Photos, Climbed into Rockets [photos]

Posted on April 1, 2018 by tim

A group of daredevils went to Kazakhstan to the ex-Soviet main cosmodrome Baikonur. They were crazy enough to park their car some way away from the place and then climb thru the fence and trespass inside, hiding from police and the guards. They managed to see giant Energia-M launching sites, abandoned Buran Soviet space shuttles and more.  They even could climb inside the Buran and saw the launch of the real Soyuz rocket up-close. Amazing story.

After they got inside the perimeter of the Baikonur cosmodrome they stayed to spend a night in an abandoned house.

Here is a photo in the morning after the night spent there.

Close to this there was a abandoned Sport and concert hall which belonged to Russian “Energia” science corporation.

Here is a photo from inside.

Then after the night comes they run hiding to the dynamic tests building of Energia corp.

Went to the top of the building and hid there, as they suspected police was tracking them down.


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12 Responses to “Boys Trespassed Inside the Cosmodrome made Photos, Climbed into Rockets [photos]”

  1. aldebaran says:

    Similar post here:
    Great photos, great image quality.
    I wonder… what is the punishment for trespassing the Cosmodrome?!

  2. Bo says:

    That is an amazing place. That is something I would like to se irl.

  3. Douglas says:

    Imagine the money and work spent on Buran….ultimately all for nothing.

    The USA scrapped the Space Shuttle, reason:…..extremely dangerous.

  4. Douglas says:

    No human being has ever gone into space more than low earth orbit. Both the US and Russia discovered that outer space is a hostile environment that we know next to nothing about. Besides that, no human being has ever been to the moon. Most all ”space programs” are employment opportunities that spend tax dollars. Real space exploration will most likely involve anti-gravity devices.

  5. Stavros says:

    Talent and IOU’s are all it takes to revive Buran – no money needed.

    Since the international space station was largely made of components from various aerospace design bureaus involving the Russian Republics and the United States Aerospace Contractors, crews had to work in Russian and English.

    Yes, that’s right – the spoken languages on the international space station are Russian and English.

    There must be quite of few retired astronauts with qualifications in Russian and English just tinkering around restoring old cars. Pity, that is all they are doing with their talents – fixing old cars.

    What about restoring old Space Shuttles!

    They are all still relatively young men and women, too gifted to be restoring mere old cars ( I like classic cars all makes and models).

    Perhaps all these old thrill seekers should up their game and restore a shuttle or two? Maybe restore a Buran or two. Why not?

    But all it takes is money? Not so! No gold or silver not needed. Besides, Russians don’t need no stinking dollars. Only decadent Americans use dollars. All this project needs is, talented people and good credit.

    Its just like that salesman said on TV, the guy from the furniture store in San Diego CA.- Good credit? Bad Credit? Military ? No problem … You’re approved !!!

    Interst rates have never been lower.

    I hear there is a new President, some where, would would likely guarantee a loan for at least 6 years. Long enough to restore a shuttle or two until it can start to earn income on its own. What business? Recovering, repairing and launching satellites – that stuff is too expensive to burn up. And no one is doing this work right now.

    I suppose if astronauts and aerospace engineers are not fascinated at the possibilities they can always go back to fixing cars.

  6. Stavros says:

    Too dangerous to fly – my ass! Fix the heat tile problem. Don’t cut corners. Or remotely pilot the orbitor. Time for UAV to be applied for peaceful purposes. This could be a first and it would belong to who ever did it first. Bring back the SPACE RACE MR PUTIN!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. dilip oak says:

    Wonderful ………….. !!

  8. dilip oak says:

    Had it been in USA , it would have been preserved properly for visitors to see. But BURAN’s bad luck. They should Museum it for tourists.

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