0 English Russia Daily Report #3 [Stalin, girls, cats, pics and many more!]

English Russia Daily Report #3 [Stalin, girls, cats, pics and many more!]

Posted on March 29, 2018 by tim


Ok, welcome to our third part of the daily fun stuff review from Russia. As a reminder those things first are being posted to English Russia twitter account and then late at night being compiled into one big posting on the website for those of you who don’t have a Twitter or just want to read them all at once. Photos, videos, news, fun facts we have it all today. So let’s start.


And we’ll start with a screenshot from Russian section of the famous ASOS clothing website. “ASOS Russia online store looks like a gay bar”, said somebody and here is a pic he posted as a proof. He has some point (no offense to actual gay population of course) lol.


Someone posted this photo from his school P.E. class. “The only useful lesson at Russian school” was the top rated comment for this one. Well, well there is something to think about here.

By the way, there was a new fire in the mall today! Almost three days in the row this things are happening, this time in St.Petersburg. Luckily nobody hurt. There is a brief video above of the fire seen thru the shopping mall windows.

An interesting historical fact:
Two month before Germany attacked USSR their officers were marching on the Red Square and greeted by top army generals. As people pointed out this is Ernst Köstring, the military attache of Germany to the USSR with his retinue, among other military attachés of other countries. They were invited by Stalin to demonstrate military equipment at the parade.

DZcOeMUW0AA5k36.jpg large

And to stay in historical context here is a caricature that can characterize that times.

Ok moving on to the more modern times:



However, can you call this modern? At least the engineering here is brilliant for sure.

And talking about the engineering there is a joke, connected with Russian (Soviet) Lada cars:


And what happens when your Lada car doesn’t have an airbag? Here is what:


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