3 Previously unseen color photos of the USSR [photos]

Previously unseen color photos of the USSR [photos]

Posted on March 26, 2018 by tim

Internet has surfaced a previously unseen collection of color photos of Soviet country made by an American professor. They were made in the period between late 1950s – early 1980s and what’s important he was aiming to capture life, not official things so they are more fun to look at. Here they are:


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3 Responses to “Previously unseen color photos of the USSR [photos]”

  1. Douglas says:

    Anyone know who owns black Cadillac?

    Yes, always interesting photos of bygone times.

    • www says:

      If you about photo with red jacket woman and black car – It’s GAZ-13 Chaika. They were not sold at that time. Used as a personal transport of top goverment officials and in embassies, both the USSR itself abroad, and other countries in the USSR.

      GAZ-13 Chaika received the writer Sholokhov and ballerina Ulanova, woman-cosmonaut Tereshkova received the first white GAZ-13

  2. www says:

    I’m wrong, this is really a Cadillac.

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