2 WW2 Photos Come to Life with Colorization [photos]

WW2 Photos Come to Life with Colorization [photos]

Posted on March 23, 2018 by tim

Olga is fond of turning old black and white photos into colorized ones. She is especially fond of World War 2 thematics. Her main job is an interpreter but at her free time she does this as a hobby. However she pays a lot of attention to detail to find the colors that would match the real life natural colors. And here is some of her works, storing with a “Night Witches” squad – female-only Soviet air force squadron.

Soviet soldiers during the Staliningrad battle.

Russian soldiers receive presents from Mongolian delegation in 1942.

T-34 tank crosses Handasa-Gava river in South Sakhalin island. 1945.

Teveleva square in Kharkov city. 1943.


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  1. Mau says:

    Beautiful picture!!!! Thank you EnglishRussia!

  2. mikhail says:

    Stalingrad, not staliningrad !

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