2 Drawings of the Drunk People from 1915 [photos]

Drawings of the Drunk People from 1915 [photos]

Posted on March 22, 2018 by tim

Vladimir was a Russian artist who got famous by painting caricature series of his contemporary people. He had a series of students drawings we had it before and now the series of the drunk people. The pictures have captions and the first one says “Don’t argue with me (woman), we will buy new dress, don’t protect it”.

I can break whatever I like, I will pay for it.

I didn’t drink and pretty surprised why I can’t walk normal (sarcasm)

Drunk a lot, now afraid I’ll get beaten by wife (like yesterday)

Man who gave up drinking

“To drink or not to drink?” (that is the question)

“Walking restaraunt”

A preacher for the moderate drinking.

Checking if you were drinking.

“Consumer of the dry spirits”


“Doctor” – there was a “dry law” at that time in Russian Empire and probably doctor could issue you are permit for drinking, same as medical marijuanna couple years ago in LA.

“Astronomer and a physicist”

“Where did he drink?”

“My wife is so tender today.. Probably because I got home early today”. Now this one is a humor.

Hope you liked those?

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    In Soviet Russia translations are missing in translation.

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