10 Weird Today’s Russian Presidential Elections Photos 2018 [photos]

Weird Today’s Russian Presidential Elections Photos 2018 [photos]

Posted on March 18, 2018 by tim


Today there was an election day in Russia. Sort of a president have to be elected today. However many call it elections with no real alternative to Vladimir. Because of this authorities sort of were afraid not much of people would arrive to the elections. For this they organized different crazy attractions for people to attend election stations. Here is a selection of most weird occassions.


Some places had picturesque visitors attending. Like semi naked sportsmen.

Medieval knights.

Free food for the voters (in some places).


Some time ago Russian authorities installed webcams on all the polling stations. And thanks to this some really weird photos are available today. Like, what this woman is doing inside the ballot box?


Another dude stuck in the ballot box.DYkPfOEWAAAUv5O

And one more.DYkw--_XcAAPDZz

Gerard Depardieu, French award winning actor got Russian passport too, so he arrived to vote as well.

Another weird webcam from a voting station. Now in Chechnya, Russia.

Some weirdos arrived to vote too. Like dressed in a rocket suit.DYkxecXW0AAfWM4

Also they installed sort of photo templates to post a photo after a vote in a social media.

And some places got really weird attractions, like Masha and the bear or..

Elder people dancing.

Some national dances.

Or simply sleeping when nobody comes.

Some didn’t want to get caught on camera so they got creative how to block the view.

And couple more photos:



And the winner is “John Snow, King of the North”.

What a madness.


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10 Responses to “Weird Today’s Russian Presidential Elections Photos 2018 [photos]”

  1. Indy says:

    Funny that you did not post a single picture of fraud ? Well, not really as there are those of the guys in the ballot boxes, certainly stuffing them…

    Putin needs 70%. And he’ll got it of course !

    • Bob says:

      Why wouldn’t Putin get over 70% of the vote, you fetid pile of waste?

      What EVIDENT EVIDENCE of fraud do you have!@?

  2. Douglas says:

    The only voting station that was a real attraction was the one with food….all the rest were annoying nonsense.

  3. Mike says:

    Cute! Unfortunately for Russia, since Putin has either locked up or prevented his opponents from running, his huge victory has as much credibility as voting during the CCCP days, where you either voted the party line or else.

  4. Mike says:

    Evidence of fraud is people stuffing ballot boxes with multiple votes, several videos on line. But vastly more important is imprisoning political opponents and preventing others from being on the ballot. Everybody knows that, except for Russian “Bob”, who is blind, deaf and apparently dumb and incapable of rational thinking. Paid for trolls tend to do that. Without a doubt Russia is a dictatorship and the opposition has been silenced. Hundreds of thousands of Russians are leaving the country, hmm, wonder why?

    • Douglas says:

      Come on Mike…..aren’t hundreds of thousands of people sneaking across the border to get into Russia because its like a paradise? Freedom and happiness for all?
      Millions of people are desperate to get into the USA…I wonder why?……[We all know why.]

      But remember there are some freedoms, even in Russia….you can smoke in restaurants and even in some hospitals.. w0w.

  5. Aldo says:


  6. Slaven says:

    Putin is the greatest leader since Khrushchev. Russian people are well aware of that. Slava Rodu!!!

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