0 Bunny becomes a mother to the puppies whose mother was shot [photos]

Bunny becomes a mother to the puppies whose mother was shot [photos]

Posted on March 16, 2018 by tim

In a village near Omsk city one little bunny saved three puppies. He protected them from the dangers as the story was told by the local woman Margarita. The fluffy bunny in turn himself escaped from a farm last summer and lived near her house, she gave him snacks from time to time. There was also a homeless white dog living near by. Then one day..

Margarita found that the stray dog was shot down by someone. She saw her body. And then a couple days later she noticed a strange thing – little puppies were climbing out of the bunny’s hole in the ground.

They were hungry and two of them were even yet not seeing – their eyes were closed. The bunny was constantly around taking care of the little guys.

He even didn’t let Margarita to approach the puppies. She still is bringing the all four some food everyday.
Margarita says that some of people she approached agreed to take adopt the puppies later on. Maybe someone would adopt the hero bunny too.

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