9 Rescuing World War II Plane Spent 76 Years in Swamps, Well Preserved [photos]

Rescuing World War II Plane Spent 76 Years in Swamps, Well Preserved [photos]

Posted on March 14, 2018 by tim

Already two years history enthusiasts try to rescue pieces of evidence and remains from the WW2 plane crash. It crashed into swamps which makes it much harder to access it. This year they got advanced and found a pilot body, one of the two.

They found his personal belongings including the driver license which helped to identify the pilot.

The WW2 parachute raised from the swamp – in an almost perfect condition.

Pilot’s hat spent 76 years in a swamp.

His medical bag.

And a bag with papers and a map.

This is an actual place where they make their discoveries – a hole in the ground in the swamp.

Both his hats – the red star still is holding, the threads didn’t decay.

Pieces of his DB-3 plane.

Piece of a plane’s dashboard.

Pilot’s driving license.

More pieces of the plane.

Pilot’s jumpsuit.

Here is his driving license, he could drive motorcycles only. His name was Alexandr Osidntsev you can even see a piece of his photo.

Pilot’s watches.

This is how the plane looked like.

As you can see it’s a pretty “dirty” work.

This things were raised from 5 meter deep inside of a swamp.

A “death id” every pilot carried. He didn’t bother filling it.

Pieces of a plane.

A parachute, was made in December 1940.

Red flag was found in the pilot’s cabin.

Also his fur boots and “socks”.

This emblem is holding on the hat since 76 years later.

This was a leather mask protecting pilots face from wind and cold.

Landing gear.

Piece of a map – still can read names of the local villages.

“Leutenant Senior” was pilots rank.

Medical bag – has a piece of orange medical harness – still intact and preserved its color.

Iodine tincture  – even it’s paper packaging is still intact.

Pieces of a dashboard.

“A commander’s book”.

Personal belongings of the pilot.

That red flag.

Pilot’s ID is a very rare occasion to be found intact.

Hope you liked the story!

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9 Responses to “Rescuing World War II Plane Spent 76 Years in Swamps, Well Preserved [photos]”

  1. Jeroen Weert says:

    Amazing, thanks for posting!

  2. sszzrr says:

    There should be more than one pilot to drive DB-3.Long live the heroes !

  3. RB says:

    Rest in peace Mr Pilot

  4. George Semel says:

    Well, he is not missing anymore! Rest in Peace

  5. Rob Nordmann says:

    Great job guys, and a very exciting story. The Marsh land freeze time because its lack of oxygen, time stands still Down there.

  6. Slaven says:

    Thank you Mr. Pilot for your service.

  7. Nominoë says:

    The pictures are not DB-3 pictures, but IL-4, his successor
    His former name was DB-3F but called IL-4 (which is is final name) in 1942

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