7 Russian Empire in Full Color [photos]

Russian Empire in Full Color [photos]

Posted on March 11, 2018 by tim

Just to remind you if you didn’t see – there is a Prokudin-Gorsky photographer exist who made tens of photos of Russian Empire in color. They are not colorized later – they were actual color captured back then, 100 and more years ago. Here are some of them.

Peasant girls 1909

Bukhara authority 1911

Hermit hut on the island living there for 40 years. 1912.

Greek women tea plantation workers in Georgia, Russian Empire, 1912.

Turkmen with a camel. 1907.

Jewish boys with a teacher 1907.

Dinner in the field 1909.

People of Dagestan 1916.

Guard of the river, he was 84 years old 1909.


Three generations of the working family.

Construction personnel of the rail road.

In the field 1909.

Making threads in the village, 1910.

Bukhara prison in 1907-1911.

Emir of Bukhara 1911, last Emir of that place.

Seller of the fabrics in Samarkand, 1907.

Chained prisoners 1907.

Nomad Kirgiz people in the hungry steppe 1907.

Caravan of the camels 1907.


Old man in Samarkand 1907.

Bashkir woman in her national dress 1910.

Dagestan people. 1905.

And the photo of the photographer himself.

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7 responses to “Russian Empire in Full Color [photos]”

  1. audeamus says:

    Russian election 2018: Voters are faced with a difficult choice – Vladimir Putin or Vladimir Putin. welcome to the new russian dictator

    • James S says:

      What does that have to do with these nice pictures?

    • www says:

      Merkel was elected 4 times in sequence – it’s democracies in Europe.
      Putin resigned as president. May 2008 — may 2012 work in goverment as Prime Minister and his dictator. Double standards and brainwashing from BBC|CNN

    • makko says:

      And what can be said about Jean-Claude Juncker, we didn’t even vote for that Fucktard, and still he is a President !

      So much of Democracy !

      • Slaven says:

        EUtanasia is a asimilation project made by germanic nations to asimilate dilute and finally silently take over Slavic nations. Slavic union is our only chance. Slava Rodu!!!

  2. Rob Nordmann says:

    I have seen these the pictures many times, but they never stops fascinating me. Russia is such an exciting country with all its different people and cultures,

  3. Leigh says:

    Love these photos. If I had my way, I would make it part of every ones education in the west to see examples of life from all countries since photography has been there to document it. The effect is quite powerful with children, who except the diversity, see alternative culture without fear, and understand this world a lot more, become much better educated adults less likely to go along with this deliberate non stop planetary culture of war.

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