1 Turbo Volga GAZ-66 Car [photos]

Turbo Volga GAZ-66 Car [photos]

Posted on March 9, 2018 by tim

Another example of Russian self made car. Now the man took iconic Soviet army favorite GAZ-66 4×4 truck and a Soviet Volga executive car and combined them in one big suv.

Here how it looks like.

He wanted to build a super-suv and he got it.

Equipped with 4.25 liter engine can go up to 120 km h with no prob.

Can climb 70 cm tall border stones etc.

The car is raised 1.5 meter from the ground.

He calls it “Charlie”. He got it certified and now wants to make them in series. Interested?


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  1. somejoe says:

    It needs a body with more interior volume, but it does look fun.

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