8 Disappearing Mosaics of Soviet Country: The Lost Art [photos]

Disappearing Mosaics of Soviet Country: The Lost Art [photos]

Posted on March 9, 2018 by tim

People often called them propaganda. Well it is so, as it was made to glorify the ideology. Buildings were decorated with mosaics of happy and idealized Soviet citizens. Difference science achievements were glorified. Heroes were the main topic of those murals – heroes of war and heroes of peaceful work.

Nowadays you can meet them less and less often, as they decline and decay and nobody preserve those. Here are some of those works.

Most of the times you can’t even know the name of the artist.

All information of those artists is lost.

Many of them were destroyed either on purpose or by the simple neglect. Also many old buildings were removed together with the artwork.

This art had to tell people about their fellow people.

It was glorifying the system that has been collapsed long ago.



At least on this website we can preserve some of those, for the future generations.

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8 responses to “Disappearing Mosaics of Soviet Country: The Lost Art [photos]”

  1. Rob Nordmann says:

    We have today the same propaganda phenomenon in the west. Everything that promotes and paint a glorious picture of the evil multiculturism is backed by governments and NGOs, the truth that speaks against it is ignored or punished. What an strange world we live in.

  2. geoff says:

    They are beautiful, I love stylised really arty one with the dears. They seam to have a positive message, at least its not a religious one.

  3. Benjamin Morgentau says:

    Mosaics and wall paintings are here to see on older buildings as well. I believe in those times it was less a glorification rather a copy of real life for most having just risen from the ruins of the 2nd world war.
    Some of them are even protect by law because they represent a once real way of living.

    As for the past, rise and fall of the communist workers paradise…

    We today in western industrialised so to speak communities are in a very real way forced to glorify the profits and wealth of a select very few, for example with ever higher temples made from steel and glass, with ever higher obscene wealth concentrated in fewer and fewer hands, we are forced to eat what is being served to us every day fresh from the tickers of financial markets.

    The critics and messengers are muted beyond recognition.

    Even though we do not participate in this in any way nor do we have any rights what so ever, we celebrate around the golden calf.

    Since ca. the 70s most if not all of this is built on personal credit and debts…and the ruin of our communities, this is no achievement at all, it is a criminal act.

  4. Yuri says:

    Keep up the good work. I love coming to this site to see how the country used to be and how it is now.

  5. Yuri says:

    I wish a group of people would come together save this important part of history. Even if the gov cannot help, there are those wealthy enough to help.

  6. Slaven says:

    CCCP never collapsed!!!!!!!!!!!! Communism and CCCP were destroyed on purpose by traitor and masonic servant and a member of Club of Rome gorbachev and his belavezha gang. He betrayed his own country for financing of his “foundations” and nobel prize. May they rest in Hell…

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