2 An Abandoned BE-6 Floatplane Monument [photos]

An Abandoned BE-6 Floatplane Monument [photos]

Posted on February 27, 2018 by tim

There are only four known BE-6 planes left in the world. One in Kiev, two in Chinese speaking lands and one is here, at the Arctic Kola peninsula. It’s in the worst condition because its placed as a monument. However if they didn’t put it on display it was probably been scraped as it stands here as a monument for fifty years already, since 1968.

You can see that in some seasons water levels almost reach the plane.

The plane is in a neglected condition.

No windows or whatsoever is left intact.

Both engines have been removed.

What saves the plane of being completely destroyed is probably its remote location. You can reach it only by boat as its located on a remote island and the seagulls are its most often visitors.

If you ever would like to reach it it’s located in Gryaznaya bay on the Kola peninsula. Photos are by Avp23649, his website is below:


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