1 From St. Petersburg to Helsinki on Train

From St. Petersburg to Helsinki on Train

Book train tickets from St. Petersburg to Helsinki on the Allegro train

There are many ways to travel from Finland to Russia, yet the most popular option among travelers is undoubtedly on a high-speed Allegro train. We decided to find out what’s the deal and got a closer sneak peak of the Helsinki to St. Petersburg rail journey.

If you begin searching for ways of getting from the capital of Finland to Russia’s St. Petersburg – you’ll be offered plenty options: flights, ferries, trains, buses, and even carpool. But what are the advantages of traveling on Allegro trains as opposed to others?

The answer is quite simple – value. It’s the most time-effective and money-saving option. Meaning you won’t need to spend long hours stuck in traffic or 15 hours sailing the Baltic Sea nor waste time getting to and from airports that are located on the outskirts.

The duration of a St. Petersburg to Moscow high-speed Allegro train ride is a little over 3 hours and 30 minutes, covering the distance of 300 km (186 mi). The modern and safe train can reach a maximum travel speed of 220 km/h (135 mi/h) and has a total of four daily departures to choose from scheduled throughout the day from early morning to late evening.

One of the biggest benefits is the departure and arrival location at both ends. The Allegro train begins its way in St. Petersburg’s Finlyandskiy Station and arrives at Helsinki’s Central Station (or vise versa). Both are situated in the heart of the city and thus are easy to reach any time of the day due to good transport connections. So you can a priori forget about long expensive taxi rides to ports or airports.

But how do you check-in? Another great thing about taking a train on this route is that you indicate all your passport information while you book St. Petersburg to Helsinki train tickets. After that, the procedure is quite similar to that in an airport with automatic check-in.

Book St. Petersburg to Helsinki train tickets on russiantrains.com

When you book Helsinki to St. Petersburg train tickets rest assured that there’s no such thing as a bad seat option. The train offers a total of 2 seat classes: Business and Economy, both with accommodative design and modern amenities.

When onboard Economy class carriages prepare to be surprised at how clean and spacious they are. You won’t be clenched between travelers and their luggage. Space usage on the train is well thought over and you will have plenty of room to place your belongings. Folding tables, adjustable backrests, and folding tables are a standard for each seat.

Book St. Petersburg to Helsinki train tickets on russiantrains.com

If you wish to have an even smoother ride, Business is equipped with larger seats, more legroom, power outlets for charging your devices and separate lights.

What to expect from onboard amenities? To mention the least, air-conditioning/heating, as well as WiFi, is available throughout the whole journey. For snacks and beverages you can go to the onboard dining coach, and if you’re traveling with kids, there’s even a special playroom zone for children. Plus if you have any questions or concerns along the way, the helpful staff knows English, Finnish and Russian.


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  1. Alain says:

    3:30 travel time for 300 km/h, at top speed of 220 km/h. Must go backwards to be so slow (average speed : less than 100 km/h) !!!!

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