0 A touch of history during Volga River cruises

A touch of history during Volga River cruises

Travel all Russia - Russian River Cruises

Seeing the top landmarks of the two must-visit cities in Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg, is surely something to remember, but why not give your journey a twist and explore the real Russia that’s off the beaten track? As experts in the region, we’re more than positive that there’s more to Russia than just its two capitals. And if you wish to see genuine Russia, going on Volga River cruises is the best option for immersing yourself in history and the soothing serenity of the charming riverside towns and villages. Here are some of the gems you can see and tour during such cruises.

The most popular Russian river cruises begin in either Moscow or St. Petersburg and make daily stops in Volga River towns and petite villages situated along the way. Usually, such programs include a couple of days of tours on land in each of the capitals prior to and after the actual cruise program which is the honey-sweet center of the adventure.

But the best part is that you get to do the cruise along the Volga River on board a fully-fledged 4 or 5-star ship, which is basically a high-comfort quality hotel on water with included leisure activities such as Russian cooking classes, painting Matryoshka dolls, costumed traditional tea ceremonies, lectures on Russian culture or even vodka tasting parties, just to name a few. Plus you get to explore outstanding places during guided tours in ports of call, for instance, those listed below.


Travel all Russia - Yaroslavl
Boasting a more than 1000-year history, Yaroslavl in undeniably beautiful. It is one of the oldest cities in Russia and bears the title of the “capital of Golden Ring towns”. It has a delightful historic center and many centuries-old sights such as the Church of Elijah the Prophet, the Spaso-Preobrazhenskiy Monastery, the Church of the Archangel Michael, as well as the Alexander Nevsky Chapel.


Travel all Russia - Uglich
When approaching Uglich from water you can get the feeling that you see a place that’s hardly been touched by time. The town has numerous points of interest including the historic Uglich Kremlin on the territory of which stands the red-walled Church of St. Dmitry-on-Blood which is a noted sight. There are also many churches and monasteries worth visiting.


A stop in Mandrogi is a great way to learn about life in the Russian countryside as well as about traditional crafts. This artesian village introduces travelers to creative skills in woodwork, pottery, and even lacemaking. The many workshops are set in typical Russian wooden buildings that have colorful decorations and bright colors.

Kizhi Island

Travel all Russia - River cruises

Without a doubt, one of the main en-route treasures along the Volga is the UNESCO-listed Kizhi Island, home to, arguably, the most impressive open-air wooden architecture museum in the country.

The centerpiece of the island is the imposing Transfiguration Church which features 22 domes. This wooden beauty is more than 300 years old and was constructed without a single nail.

In the video below travelers who have visited Russia four times share their experience and tell about their recent trip to Karelia where they saw Kizhi Island in the winter time.


Travel all Russia - Goritsy

This medieval town is renown for its well-preserved historic monasteries. The Goritsy must-visit place is the Kirillo-Belozerskiy monastery which was founded back in 1397 by a local monk, the building was later amplified to a fortress, capable of resisting attacks. Another notable place in this hilly town is the Goritsy Monastery of Resurrection, a female convent dating to 1544.

Of course, the Volga River cruise routes don’t end at those that commute between just Moscow and St. Petersburg. The so-called Lower Volga making its way to Kazan, Volgograd and the caviar capital of Russia, Astrakhan, is also among other favored options.

To sum up, if you take interest in the region, setting sail on one of the Russian river cruises is a great opportunity to not only enjoy the major must-sees but to also get an insight of the pure and authentic side of the country and its age-old history.



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