8 Old Believers Village Lost in the Woods, Can Be Reached only by Helicopter [photos]

Old Believers Village Lost in the Woods, Can Be Reached only by Helicopter [photos]

Posted on February 19, 2018 by tim

Deep into West-Siberian taiga there is a small village of Russian old believers. To get to their place you would need a helicopter lift or you can try going by the river which is a very trick way and you would need an experienced guide who knows the way.

The photographer got there by the river. The way was very hard to pass and to find. Lots of broken trees block the passages.

The village has only 150 members. Most of them are the Russian old believers living by very strict religious rules.

Old believers were alway trying to escape oppressive governments. Both Tsar and Communists ones. That’s why they get so deep into woods.


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8 Responses to “Old Believers Village Lost in the Woods, Can Be Reached only by Helicopter [photos]”

  1. Timo Luostarinen says:

    Tractors and other machines look modern… and the ball children are playing, if that is the official volleyball it looks, it costs some 200 euros…

  2. Douglas says:

    The village children are probably condemned to an impoverished life…..unless they leave.

    • Lumpy Gravy says:

      I agree.

      Although, except for the religious superstition, I sometimes find myself yearning for a simpler, preferably rural life in a community of like-minded people, far away from the complicated rot that ‘western civilization’ has descended into over the past 50+ years. Sometimes I even wish I could join a group of outcasts like the bunch of guys that Steinbeck so romantically depicted in Cannery Row :-). I think, that ever now and then most people have such ideas and dreams. But of course, most cannot go back there and the few who try often face rejection and harsh reactions by society and the state, especially in the U.S. … Ruby Ridge, Waco and, mostly unreported, in reservations of Native Americans all over the country.

      Anyways …

      The one thing I’d really draw a line at is when young children are involved, as in my opinion nobody (not even parents) has the right to impose such a physically and intellectually limited upbringing on them, with all its indoctrination, false information and miseducation.

  3. Mark Moon says:

    Beautiful pictures. I find myself jealous of people living a simple life in an idyllic location away from the modern world and all of it’s problems.

  4. David says:

    What do they do when they break a bone? With no x-rays a small accident can leave you crippled, when in urban areas you can get treated be like new in one month. Not to talk about appendicitis or other more serious (and lethal) illness than can easily be cured today. Where does the money for tin roof and motor vehicles come from?

  5. somejoe says:

    Can Be Reached only by Helicopter, if by helicopter you mean helicopter and boat. And foot. And horse.

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