6 Burning a Huge Catholic Cathedral for Russian Oldest Pagan Holiday [photos + videos]

Burning a Huge Catholic Cathedral for Russian Oldest Pagan Holiday [photos + videos]

Posted on February 18, 2018 by tim



This was a Maslenitsa week and it is called the oldest surviving Slavic holiday in history, it’s roots being traced back to pre-Christened Russia and Eastern Europe. What they do at the climax of the holiday – they burn a scare crow (of winter some say). However this time they burned something else..


They have burned down a huge Catholic Cathedral and watched it burn.




If you for a minute thought what savage act it is? Well they didn’t burn the cathedral exactly but rather its model, however it looked very spectacular, here is couple of the videos:

Here is an episode how it all happened, paired with a dark music… You get the feel.


And this is a timelapse of the whole structure burned

People were happy.


DWRjQDdXUAABWr3 2018-02-18 11.06.48


And that’s how it initially looked like, there shouldn’t be a doubt it’s a Catholic Cathedral probably.

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6 Responses to “Burning a Huge Catholic Cathedral for Russian Oldest Pagan Holiday [photos + videos]”

  1. Lars Erik says:

    And the symbolism is what?

  2. Douglas says:

    Life in Russia is full of symbolism. If this makes people happy …so be it. The Roman Pope is not welcome in Russia….good for them.

  3. aldebaran says:

    Burn ‘em down, to the ground and below

  4. Pom2Ter says:

    Well… with all the BS the catholic church is responsible for I say good for them…

  5. rznr says:

    Oh why dont you mention the atrocities of orthodox Russan church against the Catholics during Stalin’s rule? You still have the patriarch who was a KGB agent. As for pagans, I don’t know what is this good for. A malevolent provocation.

  6. Rob Nordmann says:

    Symbolism of burning the antichrist.

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