3 Winter Moscow and St. Petersburg

Winter Moscow and St. Petersburg

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Those going on a trip to Russia in the winter will surely not be disappointed. Despite the chilly winter image of the country, there is much to see and do in both its capitals: visiting museums, tasting local delicacies, joining fun winter activities or taking a ride on a train between the cities to delight in nature’s beauty. Here are some recommendations on how to spend your time while in Russia to make your trip a memorable one.

Best time to travel to Russia

Many travelers who’d like to visit Russia often wonder when is the best time to explore this vast beautiful country. And despite the fact that the weather is quite cold in winter, a lot of people choose to come here during this time of the year. In the video below you can learn more about the pros and cons of traveling to Russia in the wintertime.


If you’re going to Moscow in winter, the first place you should go to is the iconic Red Square. Not only will you see St. Basil’s Cathedral and the red Kremlin walls sprinkled with snow, you’ll be surprised by the fun and festive surrounding atmosphere. Throughout the winter season the country’s main square is glittering with holiday attributes and is the set of the famous annual open-air ice rink, so you can grab a pair of skates, treat yourself to a tasty beverage or snack at the Christmas market or step inside the GUM department store for first-class shopping.

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Continue your Moscow exploration by heading down to Tverskaya Street. There you can take pleasure in the holiday decorations as this street is considered one of the prettiest places in town in the winter. If you wish to get away from the noise and hustle and bustle, go on a delightful stroll to Gorky Park or the Patriarch Ponds.

There’s no better place to get a real close up of Russian art than the world-famous Tretyakov Gallery. Spend several hours viewing paintings and works by well-known Russian artists in the gallery that was established by Pavel Tretyakov 160 years ago.

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One more place to put down on your list is the Moscow Kremlin and its Armoury Chamber that exhibits imperial treasures like jewels, clothing, carriages and armor. During your visit, here on the Kremlin territory on Cathedral Square, you will also get to see the main Christmas tree of the country, set up and decorated for the holiday season.

While getting to know Moscow, visit the tallest Russian Orthodox church in the world, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. The interiors of the cathedral as well as its size are very impressive, moreover, the entrance is free. The bridge crossing Moskva River, located behind the cathedral is a great place to take a couple of pictures as it opens a wonderful view of the Kremlin walls and the nearby historic Krasny Oktyabr chocolate factory.

For a cultural evening out go to the Bolshoi Theater. Russian ballet is an integral part of the country’s heritage thus attending a performance in the most popular opera and ballet theater in Russia is an experience that can surely brighten up your journey.

St. Petersburg

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The best way to travel between the two Russian capitals is on train, the connection is only a mere 3,5 hours on a modern high-speed train. So you can not only sit back and enjoy the snowy landscapes passing by your window but also have no worries as trains always run on schedule and depart from and arrive in city centers. Plus you can book Russian train tickets from Moscow to St. Petersburg long ahead of time.

As you arrive in St. Petersburg, Russia’s breathtaking northern capital, go on a stroll down Nevsky Avenue for your first acquaintance with the city. This main street has much to offer, and here you can find top-notch restaurants, cozy parks, historic palaces and numerous adorned bridges that connect the city that stands on rivers.

A place you definitely shouldn’t miss while in St. Petersburg is the iconic Palace Square, home to the Alexander Column and the royal Winter Palace. Apart from its outer beauty, the real precious treasure is inside. The State Hermitage Museum, a must visit during any tour to the Venice of the north, is located within the walls of the former residence of Russian Tsars. Founded by Catherine the Great, it has the biggest collection of paintings in the world and has more than 3 million different works of art.

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Among the outstanding architecture, you’ll see is the imposing Kazan Cathedral, the colorful-domed Cathedral of Saviour on Spilled Blood and the Shuvalov Palace that houses the Faberge Museum, displaying the biggest collection of Carl Faberge’s masterpieces under one roof.

To get a taste of St. Petersburg, spend a fun evening tasting the national spirit drink in the restaurant called Russian Vodka Room N1. Plus you can find numerous dining options in the heart of the city that specialize in traditional Russian culinary.

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For an outstanding view of the city, go to St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the 4th largest cathedral in the world. Its gorgeous interiors have marble, mosaics, ornamented trims, and breathtaking sculptures. What is more, there is an opportunity to rise to the top of the colonnade, and after walking up about 200 steps you arrive at a renown photo stop in the city.

Russia is a great place for a winter getaway, offering many activities to choose from and places to see. To make the most out of your trip to winter Russia, make sure get your Russian trains tickets from Moscow to St. Petersburg and don’t forget your mittens and camera, as you’re guaranteed to make a lot of photos.



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