2 Soviet Kids Drawings Back from 1930s

Soviet Kids Drawings Back from 1930s

Posted on December 22, 2017 by tim

“Red Army Soldier riding a horse.” 8 y.o., 1928.

At the Lenin’s coffin. 1930.

“In the circus”, S. Nikonov, 13 years old, Moscow. 1934.


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2 Responses to “Soviet Kids Drawings Back from 1930s”

  1. L R Tuggle says:

    So many of the these artists probably died in WW II – they were the right age to serve. The Kirov pieces were interesting. No one had any idea of what this would lead to. Stalin (who probably had him assassinated) used his death as an excuse for a great purge of the old Bolsheviks (accusing them of being involved) and once again “thin out the herd”.

    • Chris Sobieniak says:

      It is interesting to think of the shorten lives some of these children had given when these were made. Certainly an interesting look into Soviet life from that point of view.

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