3 Faces of War (Chechnya, 1999)

Faces of War (Chechnya, 1999)

Posted on December 5, 2017 by tim

Those are strong photos. Those are faces of young Russian soldiers who fought the war in Chechnya in 1990s. Many of them are just eighteen years old and were thrown into a real war against a strong enemy.

The battles were taking place in winter it was cold and the enemy could hide anywhere.

If they got captured by the enemy they almost always were tortured with knives, their ears got cut off etc.

So they had too fight.

“We will cut Russians like sheep” was a moto of Chechen warriors.


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3 Responses to “Faces of War (Chechnya, 1999)”

  1. kwhunter says:

    War is war; 18 yo americans were sent to Iraq and Afghanistan to fight strong enemies too, they do what they have to do when they are in the military

  2. Bruce Carter says:

    Faces show the same emotions as Vietnam did so long ago. Only differences are they are Russian faces, not American; and it is cold, not hot. Soldiers do their job, the country does not matter. I very much enjoyed this set. Not a lot out there on Chechnya.

  3. Douglas says:

    Just like USA…boys sent to fight a useless war that should be settled by adults at a table. Total waste of lives….much sadness for all involved.

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