3 Never Seen Vintage Soviet ANTONOV Plane Ads

Never Seen Vintage Soviet ANTONOV Plane Ads

Posted on November 6, 2017 by tim

A few photos of Soviet vintage Antonov airplane ads target to Western buyers. Because the managers of the company was reasonably thinking that most of the buyers of the planes from abroad would be men, they decided to put women on the pictures.

At first they tested this ad trick at Soviet generals showing them a woman who stopped her Volga car beaneath AN plane propellers, inspecting them, thus accenting their attention on the benefits of higher position of engines placement.

Then ANTONOV started making passenger planes and presented them at New York and other air shows. Sometimes they made photos themselves but sometimes hire Soviet professionals to make photo sessions.


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3 Responses to “Never Seen Vintage Soviet ANTONOV Plane Ads”

  1. Reed says:

    Oh my, the brunette in the 5th photo, be still my beating heart. Beautiful.

  2. Liptonius says:

    …”And now they released them for our viewing pleasure.”

    And I am pleased to view them. Pretty!

  3. Papa Karlo says:

    I flew in an An-24 when I was a kid – from Alma-Ata to Pavlodar. It’s an awesome plane. Because the wings are at the top, they don’t obscure the view, and it flies relatively low, so you can see everything on the ground – it was like a 3-hour long movie.

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