1 Soviet Crimea as Seen in 1967 By Georg Oddner

Soviet Crimea as Seen in 1967 By Georg Oddner

Posted on November 2, 2017 by tim

Georg was a foreigner who travelled through half of the USSR in the 1960s. Here is he visiting Yalta, Crimea and taking pics of Soviet people and the stuff around him. People spending their time without gadgets enjoying sea, summer and each other’s company.

This is old Yalta not yet spoiled by modern concrete buildings.


Those were tanning beds because the beach is rocky over there.

A zoo on the beach.


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  1. Zig says:

    So, seriously – What did it take to get a permition / referal to be able to go for a holiday in Crimea, those days? People looked pretty content…hahaha…they won a “lotto”, comrade. The quarry work-hero got a week rest on a pebbly beach :-)

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