12 Fashion of First Ladies of Russia: Wifes of Russian Leaders From Kruschev to Putin

Fashion of First Ladies of Russia: Wifes of Russian Leaders From Kruschev to Putin

Posted on October 30, 2017 by tim


A collection of Russian first ladies, from Khruschev to Putin and them compared to foreign leaders wives.

Nina Kruscheva – wife of Nikita Kruschev. She was dressing very simple and it was justified inside USSR, she looked like millions other Soviet women. However when she travelled abroad her look was pretty shocking.

Western media compared her to a village relative when she was meeting Kennedy wife.

She was not following any fashion tendencies. Here is she with Eisenhower wife.

However she was not a “village relative” – she was able to speak three foreign languages, and was pretty pleasant person.


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12 Responses to “Fashion of First Ladies of Russia: Wifes of Russian Leaders From Kruschev to Putin”

  1. pstanich says:

    loved this…great pics and very politically correct comments :)

  2. Muzzlehatch says:

    Back in the late 60s, an American menswear company ran this ad suggesting that Premier Kosygin should bring his clothing up to date and make it better fitting. Don’t know what the Kremlin’s response was, but it probably would have stated that the New Socialist Man/Woman had better things to worry about than if his clothes fit or not.

  3. Douglas says:

    Is that Elena Ceausescu & Mrs Khrushchev …#2 ? Oh my….she wasn’t later brutally executed.

  4. aldebaran says:

    Terrible… the bad, the worst and the ugly
    Mrs Hruschev looked like a nice babushka that grew up in a kolhoz and remained a kolhoznik all her life no matter how nice and how many languages she spoke.
    Mrs. Brejnev is next, followed by Ms ex-Putina, Ms Yeltsin and Mrs Medvedev. Only Mrs Gorbachev looked decent.
    Mrs Brejnew looks like her front teeth were metal clad… horrible, another kolhoz reminder

  5. Curious says:

    Just curious, who are the ladies in the last photo? Thanks.

  6. Slaven says:

    gorbachev and his wife were no communists. gorbachev was a member of Club of Rome a globalist masonic order and it shows in everything he didi jus as in his wives clothing. He was a saboteur and ruined the great USSR on purpose. He also was the main player in FIMACO affair which stole 50 bln US$ ( 1991. denominated, today much much more ) and his Belazheva gang established oligarchy in Russia. Very sad.

    • Douglas says:

      The communist rulers of the USSR were all criminals who used murder and exile to rise to the Top. If some random Politburo member was deemed too Conservative, they simply had him killed.

      The Soviet people were tired of the top-down control of consumer goods. They craved free and open market system. The lack of consumer goods in Russia was appalling in Soviet times.

  7. afaaq says:

    God bless him he is really wonder lady on earth
    looking queen in his dress…

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