0 Elton John Visits USSR in 1979

Elton John Visits USSR in 1979

Posted on October 23, 2017 by tim

These days a Western superstar on tour visiting Russia is no wonder. However in USSR, behind the “Iron Curtain” visit of someone like Elton John was almost impossible, yet it happened in 1979.

After finishing a world tour in 1979, Elton John got an idea of visiting USSR and making concerts in Moscow and St.Petersburg.

In order to not feel alone Elton takes his mother together with him to Soviet Russia.

Soviet hotel refused to accomodate his big team and they had to go to two separate hotels. But when Elton learned about this plan he said he will accept only staying all team together in one place. So they had to fight the bosses of Soviet hotels and finally settled in one place.

It was an impossible event for Soviet fans. They say that Communist party boss visited Elton John concert abroad at first to be sure his music and lyrics is not against Soviet Union ideology.


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