3 Twenty Five Years Ago in Russia and Beyond..

Twenty Five Years Ago in Russia and Beyond..

Posted on October 17, 2017 by tim

These are the series of events that happened in Russia and some other ex-Soviet countries in 1992, twenty five years ago. Starting with a Boris Yeltsin giving speech for both houses of US parliament, June 17, 1992.

People selling vodka privately on Moscow railway stations for the passengers.

Special stores opened in Moscow selling goods only for foreign currency and not for rubles. Great variety of goods there. 1992.

“Black Tuesday” bank event 22 September, 1992. People try to exchange their devaluating rubles for hard currency dollars.


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3 Responses to “Twenty Five Years Ago in Russia and Beyond..”

  1. Douglas says:

    Oppressive governments [USSR] always lead to turmoil.
    Governments with lots of secrets [USA] always lead to turmoil.

  2. kwhunter says:

    OMG! Fasces in US house?!

  3. Indy says:

    Compared to Russian “humanitarian aid” in Donbas, the one in 1992 was real and not hidden weapons…

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