4 Foreign Tourist Visits USSR

Foreign Tourist Visits USSR

Posted on October 9, 2017 by tim

Photos made by a foreign tourist Zackary Hoffman on his visits to USSR in 1964-1972. Photos being made in different cities of the Soviet country.


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4 Responses to “Foreign Tourist Visits USSR”

  1. Douglas says:

    Their life in 2017 is about the same except there is more free commerce and advertising to support it. The state still has control of the masses of people.

    • kwhunter says:

      The states have control over the masses everywhere in the world, even in the “land of the free”…

      • Lumpy Gravy says:

        … and nowhere more so than in the “land of the free”, which is why its denizens keep commenting on the perceived lack of freedoms in other countries, blissfully unaware of their own deep indoctrination which blights their intellect and their perception of reality.

        • Douglas says:

          The difference between the USA and Russia is that most Russians know their media and government are corrupt and government controlled. Most all Americans are unaware of the secret CIA corruption of the media and the corruption of the government. Americans are the most dumbed down people on the planet. Their critical thinking is near zero.

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