2 Moscow Photos Back from 1867

Moscow Photos Back from 1867

Posted on September 26, 2017 by tim

Those photographs are already 140 years old. They were made from top of the Christ the Redeemer Church in Moscow, showing panoramic views of the city.

The view of the Kremlin and the bridge is pretty much reminding the modern one. Though look like farther to the horizon there look not much of the buildings.

The church itself was conceived in 1839 and it took around forty-four years to be finished.

And then it was blown up by Bolsheviks after 1917.

…and recreated from the scratch in 1990s in Modern Russia.


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2 Responses to “Moscow Photos Back from 1867”

  1. Douglas says:

    The city fades into farmland in the distance.

  2. uaz-man says:

    1867 + 140 = 2007 ;)

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