0 Kayaking on the Lena and Sinaya Rivers in Yakutia

Kayaking on the Lena and Sinaya Rivers in Yakutia


Yakutia is the largest subnational governing body by area in the world, similar in size to India, but with less than a million people, making the region one of the least densely populated regions in the world. The main river of the region is the Lena river which sources from the Baikal lake and flows northeast into the Arctic ocean. South of the city of Yakutsk, the banks of the Lena and Sinaya rivers are marked by spectacular rock pillars that reach a height of approximately 100 metres. Though the Lena and Sinaya pillars were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in summer 2012, the sites are relatively unknown to foreigners. Enjoy the photos taken by a group organized by a German travel agency on a 10 days kayak trip on the Lena and Sinaya rivers last summer.


Starting point of the tour is the Sinaya river, far away from any road and only reachable by this special Russian machine.


After one day driving through the wilderness of Yakutia, the Sinaya river is reached.



Some formations look like fantasy figures.


Untouched Nature.


The rivers are rich in fish.


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