5 Only in Russia Photos Part 14

Only in Russia Photos Part 14

Posted on September 4, 2017 by tim

Here is another selection of photos with situations and things that possible only in Russia. Of course not only in Russia things happen, but we still sort of proud about the density of the events and proudly post it all here.

A bear toilet paper holder welcomes you in one of the roadside cafes.

Or such statue.

So this was a plan that sort of went wrong, but builders didn’t want to look bad so they tried their best to keep the face. And the fence. Both of them.

Trees are important.

He is so sad.


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  1. kwhunter says:

    The girls in Pic #1… well they look like models… and probably are grid girls impersonating police…
    I believe that, even in Russia, there is some sort of dress code for female police officers. Here in the West where I live, I have never seen a female police officer wearing anything but uniform pants and boots.

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