6 Modernizing MiG-31 jets at Top Secret Falcon Factory

Modernizing MiG-31 jets at Top Secret Falcon Factory

Posted on August 29, 2017 by tim

One of the top secret Russian factories “Sokol” (Falcon) there is a modernization process of Russian MiG-31s going on. It’s almost impossible to get inside, however this photographer was allowed for a few minutes in to take the photos. Here is the story of how one of the most secret factories in the country work.

This is MIG-31 modernization workshop, very top secret, much wow. It was a real exception that photographer got into it.

He wasn’t allowed to take photos of many things because they constitute a Russian military secret.

When jet arrives here it’s being stripped off all external parts.

Just like this.


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6 Responses to “Modernizing MiG-31 jets at Top Secret Falcon Factory”

  1. Indy says:

    “All machines used here are Russian made” : USSR had to import technology from western countries (namely, at least once from Toshiba in Japan) for military use. So I I guess I can safely bet that there are some non-Russian machines there. Almost certainly some German ones, for example…

    • Douglas says:

      ”All machines used here are Russian made.”…..I question this quote. There are most likely tools from most all of the industrial countries….even so-call enemies. Even the US is loaded with tools from Sweden, Switzerland and Germany….let alone Japan and Korea.

  2. Douglas says:

    Top Secret? Hardly….they love to show these photos to scare you. You scared now?

  3. aldebaran says:

    Top secret my foot… I have never seen pictures from Lockheed-Martin or Boeing.
    Russia definitely has expertise in some industrial areas, related of course to defense but can hardly be labeled as an industrialized country. Indigenous consumer products are scarce, foreign brands are made locally. Hi tech industrial and consumer products are imported. I very much doubt the advanced CNC machines are locally made… Phfew

    • Miguel Aresta says:

      Sorry to burst your bubble but you can see several domestic Sterlitamak CNC machines….westerner’s keep thinking of Russia as the Russia of the 1990’s.
      Come on, they are not stupid, they just went through economic hardship

  4. Mike says:

    Wow! So scary! Plane designed in 1968. Decades behind modern Western jets. So secret, like anybody cares. Russians are always paranoid, especially to hide their many weaknesses. What is wrong with their psychology? Always want to intimidate their neighbors, rattle rockets and announce plans to incinerate them with nuclear weapons their opponents, always want to inflate their importance and always hiding weaknesses, go into angry attacks at the thought of somebody opposing them with military strength. Is it the weather, vodka, upbringing?

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