2 Private Photos of Soviet Officers Fighting a War in Angola

Private Photos of Soviet Officers Fighting a War in Angola

Posted on August 28, 2017 by tim

It’s no wonder the Soviet state was helping some sides in the Angola war. Here are some photos of Russian veterans from their private albums. Rarely seen private photos of Soviet pilots, tank commanders and other officers who fought on Angolan ground.

Many soldiers from Angola were studying how to fight and how to use arms in Russia.

“People always ask me”, remembers one Soviet Angola war veteran, “did you fight in Angola yourself or were you just acting as an advisor?”

“We were sent to Angola to advise, not to fight. However I would lie if I say that we were sending Angolan pilots to the attacks they were not ready to handle yet. We were performing these tasks ourselves, or as sidekicks with them”.

“We tried not to fly more than two bombing raids in a row in order to minimize the risks of us being shot down”

“Young Angolan pilots respected us and trusted us, even when I was shouting at them they understood I did this because I cared so much about their lives”.

Some of their Angolan friends became leaders of the Angola military.

Not all served as pilots, some were fighting on the ground. Performing different tasks, like guarding roads, etc.

Angolan soldiers liked Soviet weapons a lot.

For Soviet soldiers and officers this was exotic. They were not allowed to leave the USSR and see different countries, but in this way they could travel.


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  1. Chris says:

    From the little I know about The Soviets in Angola is that they carried themselves to the highest levels. Even though I am an American, I still want to say “Thank you” to your veterans for being willing to give the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Thank You.

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