2 Adventures of a baseball bat in Russia

Adventures of a baseball bat in Russia

Posted on August 21, 2017 by tim

Dogs use them too.

Some bats have the quotes from Russian criminal law on them telling that: “According to part 6 of Russian Federal Law use and owning of shock-crushing weapons is prohibited except SPORTS EQUIPMENT (in bold)”. So you can’t have a police-like baton in the car – it’s prohibited but you can have a baseball bat because its sporty.

Another sticker – “Baseball bat is a sports equipment and not a weapon. You can transport it in your car, it’s not forbidden”.

Another Russian joke about the baseball bats:

“Good evening, I want to buy a baseball bat”

“Would you beat people with it?”

“No, I would play baseball”.

“Oh, right, Russia is a capital of baseball”.

So, sort of anyone knows why do you buying a bat.

Some go further and start modifying their bats so that they be true weaponry indeed.

Even such simple hack turns it into a medieval club.


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  1. DAS666 says:

    I’ll have the black one with roses.

  2. jon spencer says:

    Here in the USA, if you have a baseball bat in your car (for whatever reason) there are lawyers that want you to have a baseball and glove in the car too. That way the lawyer can easily say that you had the bat for playing baseball.

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