2 Adventures of a baseball bat in Russia

Adventures of a baseball bat in Russia

Posted on August 21, 2017 by tim

In Russia there is almost no baseball games but there are too many baseball bats. Usually it’s not being used for a peaceful sports at all. Many shops sell this “sports equipment” ambiguous inscriptions, hinting you can use it for much more than just playing baseball.

Even maths teachers use it for intimidation.

Even in middle school

You got bear? We got a baseball bat, beware bear!

They sell them pink and smaller too for the girls, somewhere near the pink plush bears.

“Throw away baseball bat from your car, put there a golf club. In a road rage fight you would look much more classy”. Such “motivating” quotes are popular on Russian social networks, hinting that almost anyone is having some sort of a weapon in their car for the road situations.


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2 Responses to “Adventures of a baseball bat in Russia”

  1. DAS666 says:

    I’ll have the black one with roses.

  2. jon spencer says:

    Here in the USA, if you have a baseball bat in your car (for whatever reason) there are lawyers that want you to have a baseball and glove in the car too. That way the lawyer can easily say that you had the bat for playing baseball.

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