1 St.Petersburg in 1860s

St.Petersburg in 1860s

Posted on August 18, 2017 by tim

Probably one of the earliest photos of the city, showing the place as it was almost hundred fifty years ago. Starting with balagans on Admiralty square. Balagan was sort of an entertainment tent or hut in Russian fairs to perform shows and circus plays.

Balagans on Admiralty square. In Russia balagans were used since Yekaterina II.

Balagans on Admiralty square. The plays were usually 30 min long, and was very popular among common people.

Balagans on Admiralty square. Sometimes even nobility visited those for entertainment.

Balagans on Admiralty square.

Peter the Great monument.

“Winter Palace” of St.Petersburg.

Palace of Yusupov Counts on Moika street. Nikolaevsky hall.

“Marmor palace”

St.Petersburg Exchange building.


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