5 Soviet Collective Farm Owner Builds Socialism in one Local Town

Soviet Collective Farm Owner Builds Socialism in one Local Town

Posted on August 18, 2017 by tim

Most of the Soviet collective farms were turned into private farms and then sold by parts or stay abandoned now. This farm is different. It was turned into a corporation as well but it wasn’t neglected. It became a leading farming unit in its region and started providing its people with socialistic dream conditions. It’s name is “Soviet Farm of Vladimir Lenin”. This is how Soviet Farm of Vladimir Lenin lives in year 2017.

During summers it’s the biggest producer of strawberries. They collected over 1,000 tons last year. Next would be apples in autumn.

And here is the farm leader who wants to build and builds socialism in one local town.

Here is an entrance to his farm.

This is how it looks inside. Multi storeyed apartment houses for the workers, giving free or for very cheap price. This Disney style building is a kindergarten building he built for his people.

Here how it looks in winter.


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5 Responses to “Soviet Collective Farm Owner Builds Socialism in one Local Town”

  1. Richard S says:

    Looks like a capitalist tourist venture like Disneyland.

  2. Douglas says:

    How is this farm and housing complex ‘socialism’?

    • www says:

      Multi storeyed apartment houses for the workers giving free as in the USSR, school and preschool education free of charge (paid for by the owners of the farm) and other things.

  3. Stan says:

    Brilliant! God bless you. Not too sure about what Lenin would have made of it though – surely the better the worker, the more money he will be taking home or? Anyway, in England, many aristocrats’ estates were run on similar lines – everyone worked for the estate in some way, whether it be on the farm or one of the services providing for the residents – and everyone had a rent free house to live in for as long as they were working for the landowner-and for the rest of their life if they stayed there until retirement. It was largely a self-contained unit and people lived there from one generation to the next. A brilliant way to organize but not really sure if it qualifies as orthodox socialism?

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