3 Soviet Youth by Life Magazine

Soviet Youth by Life Magazine

Posted on August 17, 2017 by tim

American photographer Bill Eppridge of Life magazine went to Soviet Union in 1963 to make photos about Russian life. Here are some photos he brought back from the Soviet country. Showing pretty much well atmosphere of that time.


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3 Responses to “Soviet Youth by Life Magazine”

  1. Tshuhna says:

    Bill Eppridge of Life magazine was victim of soviet propaganda.

    • Lumpy Gravy says:

      All these well educated, socially secure and happy people … shame to think they all ended up in a gulag! There, Tshuhna, does that satisfy you?

      Really, some people never overcome their own indoctrination and their propaganda filled minds prevent them from seeing reality as it is. Let’s also not forget that at the time these pictures were taken all major US cities still had large slum areas with lots of uneducated, insecure and very unhappy people and that during the infamous 1967 Detroit riot the USAF actually bombed their own citizens, killing many and destroying lots of buildings …


      Me? I love these images because they represent the huge advances the USSR had made in the 20 years since the devastation of WW2. What’s more, I’ve got a crush on the girl in the first of the three portraits on page two. Such a sweet, pretty, intelligent and friendly face!

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