2 Soviet Fashion and Soviet Models

Soviet Fashion and Soviet Models

Posted on August 17, 2017 by tim

Some photos of Soviet fashion and Soviet models, demonstrating the Soviet designer top fashion. Most of the photos made in Leningrad, but in different years.

1968 – woolen costumes.

Spring wool costumes, 1978. Wool was a must for a Soviet woman – warm and comfortable.

A raincoat with zippers and flashy tie – 1968.

A suit with a bright scarf. 1970.

Tweed fabric with a long skirt and a short jacket, 1970.

Young lady fashion with a hat – 1970.

Dress and a jacket 1968.

Orange dress and and linen scarf. 1970.


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2 Responses to “Soviet Fashion and Soviet Models”

  1. L'hiver says:

    The clothes are lovely, but the shoes are pretty ugly…they don’t look comfortable either (which can make up for ugliness!).

  2. TimmyInOz says:

    Many of these would seem at home today. Without the hats maybe.

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