0 Surgut Russian City in Taiga

Surgut Russian City in Taiga

Posted on August 16, 2017 by tim

Taiga is a forest consisting mostly of pines, spruces and larches. Much of Russia from Karelia in the west to the Pacific Ocean (including much of Siberia) is taiga. And Surgut is a  340,000 population city deep in taiga.

The name of the city, according to one tradition, originates from the Khanty words “sur” (fish) and “gut” (hole, pit). It was founded in 1594 by order of Tsar Feodor I

Surgut at the end of the 16th century was a small fortress with two gates, four deaf ones and one carriageway.

In the 17th-18th centuries – one of the centers of the Russian development of Siberia.

In 1627, 216 people lived, in 1635-200 people, in 1642-199. In the second half of the 17th century the population fluctuated around 200 people, by the end of the century there were 185 inhabitants in Surgut.

The urbanization of Surgut took place in the 1960s, when it became a center of oil and gas production. On June 25, 1965 the work settlement of Surgut was granted town status.

The city is home to the largest port on the Ob River, the largest road/railway junction in northwest Siberia, and two of the world’s most powerful power plants, the SDPP-1 (State District Power Plant 1) and SDPP-2 (State District Power Plant 2), which produce over 7,200 megawatts and supply most of the region with relatively cheap electricity.

In Surgut, Tyumen Energy Retail Company, the largest energy sales company, is the guaranteeing supplier of electric power in the Tyumen region, ranked first in terms of the value of the productive supply of electricity among the energy distribution companies of the Urals Federal District and the second among the energy sales companies in Russia.

In addition, there are factories: gas processing, stabilization of condensate, motor fuel. Enterprises food (meat processing, dairy, etc.) industry, timber industry. Manufacture of building materials (production of reinforced concrete structures, etc.).

The city is served by the Surgut International Airport, which offers flights to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Dubai, Irkutsk, and a number of other cities.

As of July 1, 2016, in the city of Surgut 54 preschool institutions and 5 private kindergartens, 33 schools, 3 gymnasiums and 4 lyceums.

The system of additional education includes 4 music schools, children’s choreography school, art school, 2 art studios, 10 foreign language schools (one of the schools is English-style Big Ben), 8 children’s and youth sports schools, etc.


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