1 Fifteen Great Russian Artworks You Won’t Find in Any Schoolbooks

Fifteen Great Russian Artworks You Won’t Find in Any Schoolbooks

Posted on August 10, 2017 by tim

Late 19th century, “Drunk again” by Ivan Gorokhov.

Another variation for the same topic – a drunk father returning home with a bottle of vodka.  Young boy clenches his fists but can’t do anything yet. The rest of the family is scared.  Ivan Gorokhov, the artist, was born in a peasant family and knew it all from his own experience.

Vladimir Makovsky, 1882 “I won’t let you go”.

The picture shows how a desperate wife tries to hold head of the family from the next visit to a bar. However according to the look on the father’s face nor she nor the kid won’t stop him.
“Poor workers spend in bars everything they ought to bring to their wives and families. Often you can see how they sell their cloths for vodka and stay absolutely naked”, was writing an English diplomat of that time D. Fletcher.

Vasili Maximov “Just like grown-ups do”, 1864.

Growing-up boys tried to copy their fathers and started drinking early. This way their future families also were doomed to live in a drunk delirium. In poor families little kids started to work as early as three years old, and were often treated as equals, so it implied drinking too sometimes.


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