1 Fifteen Great Russian Artworks You Won’t Find in Any Schoolbooks

Fifteen Great Russian Artworks You Won’t Find in Any Schoolbooks

Posted on August 10, 2017 by tim

Soviet and then Russian schoolbooks are pretty much avoiding these artworks. All of them are connected by one topic – heavy drunkenness, bullying, family violence, but mostly of course, drunkenness. Despite how famous the artist was, how good the artworks themselves are, they are generally not included in the textbooks or art books in Russia.

Children in Old Russia (in Modern Russian too, by the way) were regularly beaten by their relatives. Even kids of the nobility were not exempt from this fate. Parents tried to educate kids this way. There exists art that depicts this with all reality, like this 1880 piece by Pavel .

1861. Drunk father of the family by Alexei Korzuhin.

Alexei received a gold medal from the Academy of Arts in Russia for this painting. He was one of the first artists who raised this topic in art – the topic of the lack of rights of women and kids, and fathers who were always drunk. This had been the tragic reality for most Russian families of the time.


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