3 Life of Tsar Nicholas II While in Exile in Siberia

Life of Tsar Nicholas II While in Exile in Siberia

Posted on August 7, 2017 by tim

This is a story of how last Russian Tsar Nicholas II spent his time while in exile, shortly before he was murdered.

After bloodshed in July 1917 in St. Petersburg, temporary government of Russia in Petrograd decided to send Tsar family to Siberia – Tobolsk city. Tsar Nicholas II and his family arrived there on August 6, 1917. Some escort of Royal majesty was still loyal to him and came with him.

They were settled in a two-storeyed building. Beforehand a local governor was occupying this place. In March 1917 the residence was renamed to “Liberty House”. Tsar Family relocation was supervised personally by Russian prime minister of that time Kerensky (who later fled to USA and lived there till 1960s).

“We found ourselves new thing to do, sawing firewood, it’s very useful and fun to do, we are already good at this. We help people with this and for us its also a fun thing to do. Also we sweep the paths and a driveway, we are kind of janitors now” – Tsar’s daughter (on the photo above) was writing  in her letter to her aunt.


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3 Responses to “Life of Tsar Nicholas II While in Exile in Siberia”

  1. Douglas says:

    The murder of this family will be forever a dark stain on the conscience of Russia.

  2. somejoe says:

    A stain, yes. But fairly low on the list of dark stains of Russia.

  3. Douglas says:

    Things didn’t work too well for the regime that took power after the Tsar.

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