1 Day of Airborne Special Forces in Moscow Yesterday

Day of Airborne Special Forces in Moscow Yesterday

Posted on August 3, 2017 by tim

August second is a Airborne Storm Troopers day in Russia. Special forces veterans flock into Russian cities dress into their iconic striped shirts and blue berets and have fun. Here is how it was yesterday in Moscow, as on photos of Moscow blogger Evgeny:

Veterans of different ages come to have fun. Their traditional main activity is bathing in the fountains.

Young and old – this is a brotherhood.

Some are really seasoned vets.

And no matter Ukraine, Belarus, Russia or Tajikistan – they come to Moscow because it was one country before and one VDV – this is their forces abbreviation.

Many got the tattoos on their shoulder with the name of their regiment and the year of discharge.

This got Ukrainian flag colors but no matter he is still in Moscow.

“Nobody but us” is their official slogan.


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  1. Chrisco says:

    Page and 5th picture down. The look of total sadness. Thank you for your service gentlemen.

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