1 Launch of Soyuz MC-05 from Baikonur Spaceport

Launch of Soyuz MC-05 from Baikonur Spaceport

Posted on August 2, 2017 by tim

July 28th a Soyuz MC-05 space rocket was launched. Three cosmonauts were there, one American, one Russian, one European (Italy). They plan to stay in space for 139 days. Here is how the launch went in detail.

At first the Russian Orthodox priests came to baptize the rocket.

Here is the crew.

And this is a back up crew.

Cosmonauts are under quarantine so they have to talk to their family thru the glass window.

And then the launch day comes. Cosmonauts board a bus.

Those are the tourists, came to see the launch.


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  1. Slaven says:

    First they quarantine the astronauts and later on they let them walk among various people with their helmets open and then they enter the capsule with those dirty boots on? Those are some baffling and not that bright procedures.

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