4 Weird Fashion of Moscow Subway 2017

Weird Fashion of Moscow Subway 2017

Posted on August 1, 2017 by tim

Moscow subway is a such wonderful place, which not only helps to reach their destination, but also can grant you mass of interesting new emotions. Here is a 2017 Moscow subway trends being listed.

1. Big trend of 2017 is hats made of unusual materials.

2. Folk style is getting trendy too. Linen shirt and shorts, also some organic hair accessory.

3. Lion mane haircut goes well with exotic vest. Also “urban jungle” image is complemented with a skull bone bag.

5. Nun dress, calm look, true English fine sophistication.

6. Simple image is very trendy this season. We don’t need some fancy items. Big scarf would hide your face and give a mystery feel, and unusual accessory would attract attention to your rich inner self.

7. Fantasy Japanese schoolgirl socks go well with regular office bridge pants. Bravo!

8. Even fairy princess would envy this hat.

9. Luxury fur vest would keep you warm in Moscow weather.


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4 Responses to “Weird Fashion of Moscow Subway 2017”

  1. DUSTY says:

    Not quite to Walmart standard, but close.

  2. Douglas says:

    Much more ragged and edgy than WalMart.

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