3 Two days in Moscow in 1982

Two days in Moscow in 1982

Posted on July 30, 2017 by tim

So this is a kind of a time machine. Foreign tourist arrived in Moscow April 30th 1982 and stayed there two days. He made numerous photos of what he saw around. Now we can see them too.

Some people say 1982 was the last year of the true USSR.

Then some crazy things started to happen – this year Soviet long-in-power Brezhnev died. He was in power since 1964 – almost 20 years.  After his death Soviet leaders started dying one after another almost each year.

Andropov demanded to “raise labor effectivity” which was pretty absurd.


Then Gorbachev came.

Here you can see Brezhnev portrait.

And a long line for Lenin mausoleum.

So when Gorbachev came to power, we know he destroyed Soviet Union from top.

But at first he started with some even more absurd decisions. He started a war on alcohol. Sort of Soviet Prohibition.


And they say that every leader who starts prohibition of alcohol in Russia is gonna break Russia.

Just imagine – a few years before Russian 1917 Revolution alcohol was also banned during World War I in Russia. As a result – the Russian Empire collapsed.

Same thing happened to USSR – they banned vodka – a few years later country was ceased to exist.

But enough comments, just enjoy photos of that era. Last stable days of the USSR.








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3 responses to “Two days in Moscow in 1982”

  1. Slaven says:

    gorbachev, western satan that ruined a great and proud CCCP. I hope he burns in Hell for what he did.

    May the USSR rise again. First country of the working people.

  2. I would have loved to visit Russia back then.

  3. Orinal Kiev says:

    The world was blessed to have Gorbachev in it. He saved us all from the ridiculous ways of running a world power.

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